About Us

I love to write, and create; drawings, songs, colors, photos, ramblings, whatever comes out.  Sacredness exists in what we create, that is all.

Sometimes the thought comes out easier in a Haiku, or another day a formal essay, or it just occurs magically in a photo I happened to snap. But it all boils down to the journey through the messy maze of life, and my desire to find love in all of it, by making.

I am a writer and an artist because I love to make things…because I can’t not spill over.  I want to share my constant quest to learn based on what strikes my fancy.

And in all of this I have a burning desire to enable the creative stirrings of the humans surrounding me.  The urge to create is ever human. And I believe creating is what keeps us sane, what keeps us living well, and connecting with those around us, even if your creation is a letter that is sent to one other human.

I contend that anyone who wants to create can learn to write.  You have ideas and I can help you grow your voice.

Come play with me!

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